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How do I take care of my vintage?

Vintage clothing was made much better than modern day clothing so it will last you a lifetime but it is important that you do what’s right to take care of your vintage.

Limit washing the garment as much as possible and choose to steam it instead. We highly recommend the Kambrook Swiftsteam Garment Steamer to keep clothes fresh and also crisp. Steaming is the perfect alternative to ironing which can be harsh on vintage fabrics that you don’t have experience with.

How do I wash my vintage?

We recommend washing vintage items as little as possible and choosing steaming instead but if you MUST wash the garment we recommend the following:

  • Spot treating stains with gentle stain removers
  • Dry clean large items such as leather & wool coats
  • Machine wash synthetics and cotton on a cold, gentle cycle with like colours using a sensitive washing liquid.
  • Add salt & vinegar to washing machine when washing bright printed fabrics.
  • Hand wash delicate fabrics with sensitive washing liquid

How should I store my vintage?

Once you have your vintage home we suggest you store it in a cool dry room with no moisture. Best to hang the garments on gentle coat hangers upright on a rack. If this is not an option, store folded in a clean, moisture free, air tight container.

The biggest vintage killers are moisture that then causes mould and moths that eat fabric.


How much is postage:

Australia: Flat rate of $9 (express shipping on full priced items)

Free shipping with orders over $100

New Zealand: Flat rate of $18

Free shipping with orders over $150

Rest of world: Flat rate of $25

Free shipping with orders over $200

How long will shipping take?

All purchases are packed and shipped the next business day. We want our vinty getting to our queens ASAP!

AUSTRALIA: Express Shipping (on full priced items). Expect package within 3-5 days.

NEW ZEALAND: Tracked Shipping. Expect package within 7-14 days.

REST OF WORLD: Tracked Shipping. Expect package within 14 days.

Do you post worldwide?

Yes postage is available to all countries, so tell your friends! 


How do you measure your garments?

All items are measured laid flat which means to get the circumference measurement you must double what we have stated.  

We highly recommend you lay out some of your best fitting pieces in your wardrobe and take note of the length, shoulders, bust, waist & butt measurements when laid flat and save these in your phone for easy access when purchasing.

What do the sizes in your product titles mean?

XS, S, M, L, XL

These sizes are estimations of a modern size. We do not like to put numbered sizing in our titles as most queens do not have the same proportions so we alway recommend that our queens use the title size as an approximation but focus on the measurements in the description.

Why are your sizes so small?

We know… it’s BS. Vintage clothing is notoriously small. Disappointing most women above a size 12. 

We are constantly looking for larger sizes to stock in the store but pre 1980s the options are fairly limited. 

Vintage clothing is small because physically people were smaller prior to the 50s due to conditions, nutrition etc. After the 50s many women wore shape wear and had items custom made so clothing from this period is very tailored. As we climb up the years skinny was the ‘in thing’ so most design houses only catered to fitting a slim woman. 

You will see a lot more diverse sizing from the 80s onwards but less bold, patterned pieces that we love to sell here at Girlgoneretro.

Why are there only two slim models?

Currently Girlgoneretro is very much a small business, run by two sassy queens Rache & Steph who do everything. The whole process. We aim to grow our business to a point where we can hire models of all ethnicities and sizes to better represent our queens!

For reference Rachel is 173cm and a modern size 6-8, Steph is 168cm and a modern size 8.

How do I make sure I order vintage that fits me?

The best way to get the perfect fit is to lay your favourite fitting wardrobe pieces on a flat surface and measure the widths of all important spots inc. shoulders, bust, waist, hips, butt.

Then measure (still with garment laid flat) the length of arms, body and legs. 

Keep these measurements handy on your phone to cross check with our listings online.


Where do you source the vintage?

Our vintage is hand selected from all over Australia. We buy from vintage stores, antique stores, online vintage sellers, opshops and markets. Sourcing is probably the best part of the job and we squeal hard when we find our gems!

When overseas travel permits we also go on sourcing trips around the world!

Do you ever have sales?

Not very often as we price our vintage very reasonably but when we do you will hear about it through Instagram

We do however love to do an ‘Offer Me’ sale on Instagram where our queens get to decide on a price they would like to pay. Follow us at @Girlgoneretro so you don’t miss out! We outline how Offer Me sales work on posts and stories on our Instagram page

Where is Girlgoneretro based and who runs it?

Girlgoneretro is based in Brisbane Australia and solely runs online but every now and then you can catch the team setting up at markets across Brisbane.

The team is made up of Rache, the founder of Girlgoneretro and Steph, the savior of Girlgoneretro. Together these queens are powerful and unstoppable and hope to build the team up full of strong, wild women!

How often do new collections get released?

New collections are released every fortnight and always on the same day at the same time because we know the queens are busy and we want to be more predictable than your period. 

WEDNESDAY 6PM AEST. Check the Instagram for exact dates. 

What Payment options do you have?

We offer so many fricken options!

Paypal, Afterpay, Debit Card, Credit Card, Apple Pay & Google Pay 

What is the returns policy?

You can find all return/refund details HERE