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I often get asked how and where I’m finding my stock, almost as though I might have some secret supplier of whacked out bright vintage. But I am fully transparent with you guys. I literally Insta story my thrifting seshes?  I also told you about the time I bought in bulk at a vintage dealer in Sydney and how that all went to shit, so nope, I have no secret suppliers. I do however have 5 tips for finding the hidden gems that are one hundy percent out there:

      • Use google maps to find Opshops in every area you go (no matter what your intentions were for that destination). You may just be casually snacking on fish and chips and missing out on the best hidden gems around the corner in a secluded beach town antique store. BUT….. In saying that, the best hidden gems will be found at the stores that don’t even register on Google maps. You find these bad boys by just driving at a glacial pace around back streets of bigger towns while keeping a keen eye out for OPSHOP signs. For example my fave thrift store in Casino is not on Google maps and also two amazing stores in Mudgeeraba aren’t listed either! HONAYYYY POTS!

      Sourcing Vintage Clothing

      • Scout local Facebook events for cool markets (like the Her Wardrobe Market I hit up today), rummages and garage sales within your reach. Chances are, there will be a second hand event near you that’s got the goods and generally those goods are going for cheap!


      • Put yourself out there and ask for what you want! Put out a listing on FB local groups or fashion groups stating what you’re looking for. Tell strangers what you do, you never know who may have something they’re looking to re home. I have found a few great pieces by posting in my local FB info exchange. I mean, you may have to meet up with shifty characters in parking lots but sometimes it pays off!


      • Source from other sellers. WHUUUTTTT??? BLASPHEMY!! THAT’S THE COMPETITION?? This has been my saviour! When I have exhausted thrift stores I go to other sellers in store or online who fit within my budget. Vintage stores in towns, as opposed to cities, have very reasonable prices and the stock is always in good condition and clean. Of course you will have to pay a lot more than an Opshop but you will also be getting a product that is instantly ready for reselling. So don’t be afraid to approach other sellers on Insta who have the stock you are after, it could be the makings of an awesome business relationship.

      Girlgoneretro Wardrobe

      •  And lastly, my BIG ASS SECRET is… Shop more than everyone else! I source vintage constantly. Every trip we take into town, I source. Every trip up to see the parentals, I’m sourcing. You want me to come to your wedding? Cool. Ima be sourcing. This includes keeping an eye on FB marketplace, Ebay and Insta for cool, unique items in those areas. This is by far the best tip I can give you. It’s a no brainer. You have higher chances of finding rad shit if you are sourcing more often.


      There you have it baby dolls! It’s not rocket science (thank the lawd) but it bloody does the job! I don’t use anything but these little tricks at the moment and it works a treat for my store. 

      Let me know if this was helpful in any way and if there is anything you want to delve into a bit more DM me on Instagram @girlgoneretro


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