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There are soooo many things you can implement right now to take your reselling business to the next level. Here are just 10 ways to make more money reselling.

1. Lighting - Good lighting is crucial if you want your reselling business to make more money. A dark photo will not show a garment's true colour or its condition. Customers need this piece of mind if they are going to spend good money on an item. Poor lighting equals a poor quality image which equates to a lower priced item in my opinion.

Relying on natural light can make it difficult to shoot in winter or when you have a scheduled drop so I really encourage you to invest in your business and get yourself an LED ring light on a stand (usually about a metre tall). Mine was bought off Ebay (but is unfortunately not available anymore) and mostly it’s a flimsy piece of plastic but I’ve had it for a year with no issues! It has saved my ass on overcast days. Makes my outfits pop and means I can now take photos any time of day, even at night. They also pack down and fit in a suitcase. I have taken mine on trips to Melbourne and Sydney! The best search term to use for an LED ring light is ‘Diva Ring Light’.


2. Tripod- Is an essential for still shots and maintaining consistency with photos. You don't have to go 'top of the range' either but if you can afford to, definitely do! A tripod allows you to take your photography anywhere and the ability to do it all on your own. 

I currently use a Flexi Tripod that holds a phone, bought from Kmart. I just attach this tripod to any pole I am near to get the shot. If you are wondering now what? How do you actually take the photos without pressing the self timer every 5 seconds??  Here are 3 epic tricks! 

  • Get a wireless bluetooth phone remote from Ebay. These hook up to your phones bluetooth and set off the shutter for you. All you have to do is hide the remote behind your back or pocket. 
  • Get yoself a Samsung phone (like the S9 that I have) which has a photo timer that is triggered by sensing your palm. All you have to do is show your palm to the camera and it counts down 3-5 seconds and takes the pic. I don’t think I will ever get over how ingenious this feature is!
  • Record yourself on video and remember to freeze every new position you do then just watch the video and screenshot the images you want to keep. Voila!


3. Good Photography - If you have nailed the top two suggestions then it could be time to level up your actual device. Most sellers are opting to just use their phones because cameras on modern phones are incredible and it’s easy to have all your images ready to go for editing on Facetune or Snapseed. I currently use the Samsung S9 (on the bloody front camera… it’s that good) and really, I should get paid for the amount of times I tell people how good this shit is! But I think pretty much any new phone 2018 onwards will do an epic job. No real need for a fancy DSLR anymore unless you also intend on making youtube videos or if you want more editorial images. 

Photography needs to be a huge consideration for your store but also think about the post production of your images. I currently use Facetune and Snapseed to edit all of my pictures. Facetune does most of the work for brightening, smoothing and detailing and then Snapseed is used to enhance colours if the photos are washed out. 

I will write another blog post about my processing routine so you can see exactly what I do but I highly recommend these apps.

4. Steamer - This is sooooo crucial. Okay I feel like everything is crucial but dayummmm sista, no one wants to see or buy a wrinkled garment. If you want to make real money from this gig then you need to be ironing your items or better yet get yourself a steamer. Perfect for most fabrics except hard denims/cottons but amazing for delicate items like silk and chiffon. I bought the Kambrook Hand Held Steamer from Big W and I never looked back. I hate ironing because irons can be brutal bitches and I can’t risk burning or staining 90 year old garments. My hand held steamer is compact and lightweight and I can literally press it up right against the fabric with no issues. The only downside is that you have to refill the water reserve every 5ish garments and sometimes it will spit out brown water because I use normal water when I should be using demineralised water. But that’s my bad! Not Kambrooks! However, I always know when this is about to happen because it gets all steamy and hissy so I just let it do its thing and wipe it on a towel and press on!


5. Easy Buying- Make it easy for your customers to purchase from you! This is so simple yet it does get overlooked a lot. If you run your store through Instagram ensure you have payment details ready to go when someone slides into your DM’s. For my instagram sales I have a little message I copy and paste that states my paypal details, a request for them to send me an instant screenshot of transfer, their details and a side note saying this item will not be held for longer than 1 hour. This makes for a really quick and easy transaction for both of us. 

If you run your business through a website, ask a few people to go through the process of purchasing an item to see if they think it can be improved or streamlined. I think all stores should have a ‘Shop All’ option so customers don’t have to go through every collection and then keep your website as simple as you can by trying to include all of your page links on your home page. Take my page for example. You can get to all of my collections, my insta and my newsletter sign up just from the home page. 

If you have a Shopify wesbite and need more assistance, I can’t recommend @runninginheels enough. Renee can help you fine tune your store making it an easy shopping experience therefore increasing your sales.



6. Theme - Pick a colour, style, era or theme that can become linked to your brand on all platforms. I chose to go down the route of bright colours and prints with a touch of my ridiculous personality so people know what to expect from my store.  A few great examples of themed stores include: 

@insearchofglory who does an incredible job at creating a classic, smart and clean theme on her insta and website.

@fruitbowlvintage who nails the whimsical, satin, floral, wholesome vibe.

@foundstore_ selling neutrals in natural fabrics in such an effortless way. Using her squares to provide a beautiful cosy lifestyle.

@tworoadsvintage  who nails the bohemian, folk vibes with her stunning embroidered pieces but also by sharing iconic images from the 70s.

I think this is a huge reason why some sellers continue to grow and thrive and others don’t. They have a clear vision and story they tell their customers. 

We are not just selling clothing, we are providing a lifestyle.

7. Business Stationary - Thank you cards, wrapping paper, stickers and satchels are not to be forgotten. These little niceties that yes, cost us a bit, add to the customers experience and continue to share your brand and its message. Try to make your packaging tie into your brands theme. My wrapping paper is pink which features in my feed a lot and then I also include a pink Girlgoneretro sticker to seal the package and a fun bright pink and yellow thank you card that has little funnies on it that tie back into my stores message of not taking yourself too seriously and having fun!

You can easily create all of your graphics for free on Canva  then get them printed with a company of your choice. I use Vistaprint as they are quick with delivery and I am a last minute kinda girl.

There may not be a direct link to sales from your stationary but a good unboxing experience often gets shared on social media, meaning more exposure for your business.

East End Thrift

8. Clean Background- Ensure the background of your shots is always clean and clear of clutter. Your customer doesn’t want to see your pyjamas, your baby's toys or your leftover curry. In fact, all of these things devalue your items. 

Don’t distract the eyes, lead them straight to the garment for sale. In saying that, I do think it is also a smart approach to style your background like @eastendthrift does impeccably well, as this lends to your brands theme and the lifestyle you are providing to your customers via your garments. 

9. Mannequin or Model - Flat lays CAN be done really nicely but you have to have a real knack for styling and shooting the right angles. A page that does this incredibly well is @vintagelilystore . However, if you don’t have the flare for it (I definitely do not) don’t resort to taking basic shots of items hanging off of a coat hanger, or just laid across your wrinkled bed. Either model the items yourself if they fit you well, coordinate a friend or sibling to do the modelling or use a mannequin which are super affordable from Spotlight for just $29 with a VIP card.

Personally I think that modelled clothing sells faster on instagram and websites than mannequin styled clothing BUT mannequin styled clothing sells faster than a craply done flat lay. So choose your battles. Do the best you can with what you have.

10. Socialise- Chatting to people on Instagram and Facebook groups and actively working on building up the engagement on your platform is going to make a world of difference. The more your audience hears from you the more you are at front of mind when they’re looking for a sweet secondhand goody and the more genuine love and support you show other sellers the more they return the favour. Building a strong community on your platform is probably the best tip I can give you for improving your sales.

BUT don’t be all sales on your platforms. Provide value. Show people your life, your BTS of business, share tips, show off your personal style or your other interests and then show them the goods. Customers want so much more than just your items.

I could go on and on and on about things I think will improve your sales and make you more money from reselling. If you have any questions or if you enjoyed or found this helpful please share it around on your social media or leave me a comment below.

Love you bloody dolls x


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